Ritratto di ragazza con abito bianco e cappello verde con mazzo di fiori in mezzo al bosco

I'm Vittoria

I'm a portrait and analog photographer based in Italy and Paris.
I'm in love with 80s fashion and I have a true passion for film photography.

I want people to feel beautiful and special in my pictures, for them to have the memory of a happy moment, to keep forever.

You're my client if...

  • you think that real is better than perfect, and that perfection is utterly boring
  • in your engagement photos you care more about your smile and your future husband's than the dress that got stained because the photographer asked you to climb on a tree
  • you like details but you don't obsess over an invisible spot in the top right corner of the low-res photo you use as Facebook profile picture
  • you think that a smile takes away embarrassment, especially when you're afraid in the photos it'll show you were born before the Beatles broke up

I'm your photographer if...

  • you want a serious person who seriously works... and that doesn't take herself too seriously
  • you like vintage and rustic things, la vie bohème, grain on your photos, crepuscular light and scratches on film
  • you prefer photos where you smile and you're happy, even if they're slightly blurred
  • in your photos you want to feel as beautiful as a model, whatever the age, the shape, the colour and mood
  • you'll accept you won't have an overly photoshopped face just because you can't stand the sight of your wrinkles (don't worry, I will correct dark circles and pimples, yes)

Quick booking


It’s a mini portrait session with 10 to 15 Instagram-ready travel pictures.




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